Thursday, June 26, 2014

Big savings

Just saved three dollars on laundry detergent.  So excited.  Some people would think that its lame to get excited about three dollars but not me. Now that I have three extra dollars what should we do with them. Go on a trip? Three dollars would get us to the beach and back. No. No trip. Watch a movie? Three dollars could get you 3 movies at the red box. That's around nine hours of entertainment. movies. Game night? 3 bucks can buy a deck of cards and some dice.  There are loads of games you can play with cards or dice. No. No games. How about a fancy meal. Maybe a pizza. Maybe cereal.  Maybe cereal. We bought cereal with it. Haha. All the possibilities and we pick cereal.  Oh well we have cereal now and we didn't before. I love that three dollars can do so much and yet be so little.

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