Thursday, April 3, 2014


does it make me weird that I don't want to get pregnant at the same time as stupid people I know. I know a couple people that just found out they are pregnant and I don't want to be pregnant at the same time. is that normal. I guess that very childish of me. I think its because I think having a baby is such a big deal and these people didn't want children now and didn't plan it and it just happened. everywhere I turn I run into people that just had a baby fall into their laps without the stressing of planning and saving. maybe we are doing it all wrong with planning it out. who am I kidding. of course we need to plan it out. we don't want to stress about money and having to get a bigger place to have a baby. we already have room for  a baby in our house and we have money saved up just for babies. we are the most ready for baby people I know we just cant commit to making one for real.  soon soon soon!!

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