Sunday, March 30, 2014


my little sister and her husband just left for their honeymoon today. they are doing the same cruise we went on last year. it felt so good to help them out with little tips and recollections from our trip. not to mention they are bringing us back some vanilla from Mexico since I am almost out of mine. the only bad thing is now I want to go on a cruise again. but we are supposed to have babies soon, and I want a baby so bad but it would be a while before we would be able to go on another cruise if we have a kid now. man planning kids sucks. if only we could not think about planning and let it happen but our minds do not work like that. we have been saving money for almost two years now for babies. we took most of it out and paid off my car so we had to start saving all over but now we can save the 280 a month that we were using for my car payment.  too much planning. will wanting to be a mom ever win out over new adventures. it just gets so hard to think that we can go on vacations or have babies. I know when we have kids that it will be a different kind of adventure and our vacations will be kid oriented but the time between having a baby and being able to take trips with them is a ways apart. bathroom breaks, snacks, tantrums and strollers are not my idea of fun but lets hope we can handle it when it comes time. for now I will just ponder until august and see if we are ready.

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