Monday, March 10, 2014

New accessories

Ignore the pissed off look on my face in the picture.  Im not very good at "selfies" and I get frustrated trying to get a good angle and smile. Back to the post. These are some of my new earrings and a new headband that leif picked out for me. I love forever 21 and I was picking out jeans the other day and had to look at the earrings as usual. Well this time leif was with me. Normally I get a ten minute window where he sits a plays games on his phone and I take a gander at the earrings.  Trying on jeans was going to take some time so he came in with me and helped find my size and track down the colored jeans I liked. Then we looked at the jewelry and he just kept pointing at things he liked.  And im no fool. I got everything he pointed at because if he likes it then he will remember the ones he picked out when I where them.  I've gotten so many compliments from the earrings he picked out so now im doing the earrings headband combo. Its weird what helps keep a marriage healthy but whatever works, works. If he likes something I where it. Its pretty simple to make him happy so I do it as much as I can. Loving my new accessories.

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