Thursday, April 10, 2014

Practice day

We had a fun day with our little friend hannah. It was a great started out with cloudy with a chance of meatballs and ended with watching frozen. the whole middle time was were all the excitement was. we went to the park to swing, play and draw with chalk. I love chalk, kids love chalk, but didn't think about what would happen if you bring chalk to a park. this picture was pre-chalk. leif was doing wonderful. Hannah is the best practice kid any one could ask for but then the swarm started. it started out mild. a little girl wanted leif to pick her up and put her in the baby swing. leif didn't know what to do, her mom wasn't near us so she couldn't do it. so we just acted like we didn't hear her. she isn't our kid and we didn't want responsibly for her. then she asked again so I told her to ask her mom. then she asked again and I could see leifs face saying "what the ****". so we got off the swings and went to play with the chalk. big mistake. the little girl followed and then more kids wondered over. leif was terrified. they were everywhere. and still no parents coming over and helping. I go to open the chalk and turn and look for leif. he was gone. I look at the car and he is sitting with his hands on his head. im use to kids so I just let them all color with us and let leif calm down in the car. finally a women comes and says all the kids are from a birthday party and it was cake time. so they all left us. we had no idea chalk was better than a party. the powers that chalk possesses are strong. but with the kids out of the way we retrieved leif from the car and played on the playground. he had calmed down and said that all those kids were overwhelming.  after the playground we got ice cream to cheer leif up and went home for more chalk in the driveway followed by frozen. frozen is the best movie ever. while Hannah and I watched frozen and by watched I mean sang frozen, leif took a nap with buckeye.   it was such a fun day and leif was such a trooper. one step closer to babies for us.

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