Tuesday, April 22, 2014

two days until summer workout starts

I have been telling leif for about three weeks now that we need to get back to exercising and eating right. well this morning I made him get on the scale and he finally agreed to it. we are going to be doing some weight lifting and more walking after late at night. and the biggest thing is not eating meals late at night. last night we made pizzas at one in the morning. of course that is a bad idea. we need to get this being healthy thing down quick before we have kids and pass all of our bad habits on to them.  I know its na├»ve to want my kids not to drink soda and eat fast food but I would like to hold that off for as long as I can. if we eat healthy then the kids have to eat healthy. its just getting us to eat healthy that might take a while. luckily we have all summer to get it down before we start trying for a baby.

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  1. I really need to start working out again too. I have been drinking nothing but coffee and water recently. It's a start, right? ;)