Friday, June 28, 2013

love of coins

so I have a new found love coin foreign change. it all started on our vacation. I got a Jamaican coin and a peso from Mexico.  I have a bracelet from Holland with 10 cent pieces on it. my friend Miranda found a penny from panama. and my loving husband gave me his ruble that he got with his tip. he must have done a good job for that table since they decided to put the 1/10 of a penny with his tip. oh well I got my first ruble. our friend eveline brought us a euro from Germany and our other friend rhia has a euro for me as well. its so nice to have good friends that travel and are keeping an eye on for weird change for me. maybe one day my strange love for coins will pay for our kids collage or wedding. at least of all the things to collect money is always a good thing to have around, unlike my porcelain doll or stuffed animals.

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