Thursday, June 13, 2013


so I love walmart. ha that's a big fat lie. we normally go really late at night to avoid people but the last two times we went in the middle of the day and the last two times there has been a child screaming at the top of their lungs. and we are not just talking about any screaming its the high pitch scream of a child that does not want to be in the cart, that turned into the high pitch scream of a kid that got told no and then the high pitch scream of a child getting ignored. now since I don't have kids yet im not really sure what you are suppose to do in a case like this but I thought it involved a hand and a bathroom. this kid screamed for 30 minutes. as we got closer to the child we could here people tell the mom that the kid needs to stop and that it was ridiculous that the mom had just stood there talking to a friend the whole time and didn't both paying any attention (good or bad) to the little girl. so the topic was going to be how do you avoid being that kind of mother but I know how you avoid that. you pay attention to your kids and take them to the bathroom until they calm down. some people. 

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