Saturday, May 11, 2013


with me and leif both hating to take pictures im not really sure how to get into the habit when kids come into the picture.  our parents made us take a lot of pictures on our vacation this year so they could actually have a pictures of us. and I like having the pictures, it has me inspired to put pictures up on our walls now. we bought our house in june and still don't have anything on the walls. well that will all change once I get something to hang things with. so now that I want to hang things on our walls I think the picture taking might come a little easier but how often do you need to update your kids pictures and how often do you give them out. some people I think go over board with giving new pictures out too much. if someone ask for them I understand but I have like 20 pictures for each of our nieces and nephews first years. what are we going to do with 60 pictures of kids that aren't ours. I could have a whole wall covered if I put them all up or do you put up the most recent. but im not sure so they sit in a drawer doing nothing. maybe now I will put some up now that im in the picture mode but I don't know what to do with all of them. so how many times should you get your kids picture taken and how often do you give it out (im thinking upon request).

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