Thursday, May 9, 2013

mission success

mission "leif hold a baby" was a success. we went down to see new baby gavin and his parents (leif's brother and sister in-law) and leif held the baby for ten minutes. now if you have ever met my husband you would know that he is terrified of babies and he thinks they are really ugly. this was the first baby he has held in a long time, like im talking 8 years.  it was so cute. he refused to lower his shoulder for the first 4 minutes because he thought it was the only way to keep the head up. finally Natalie (baby mom) showed him how to do it and reluctantly he lowered his shoulder to the height of a normal person.  it was pretty funny. I think knowing that his brother can do it will help get leif ready for it. at least he held the baby. gavin did good too. he farted in leifs arms to help calm leif down. man that kid was gassy. when we left I asked him if he felt more comfortable with the idea of having one now that he held one and he said hell no still scary.  what am I going to do with him. haha, the date is getting closer to august.

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