Tuesday, May 7, 2013

cutting back and saving

every penny counts. isn't that the trust especially when planning for a baby.  to put Leif's mind at ease we have already started extreme saving for when we have a kid. we are both doing 20 bucks a week and that might not seem like a lot but by this time next year we should have a baby almost here ( hopefully) and the 20 bucks a week will be 2000 dollars just for babies and expenses.  man im glad im a budgeting queen. Leif is just so worried that we wont have enough money to take the time off to have a kid let alone pay our bills and get everything a little one would need.  luckily we are going to see baby Gavin tomorrow and Leif will be able to talk to his brother and relax about the stress of babies, once they come they come and you love them and you make it work. cant wait to meet the little baby Gavin.


  1. Its scary but as soon as you see their little faces you'll fall in love and make it work somehow.