Friday, August 1, 2014


I never realized how much pressure I would be under now that we are trying to get pregnant.  Everywhere I turn someone asked me if we are pregnant yet. We stopped preventing it in June but we didn't even have a chance to get knocked up until July. How does everyone expect me to have a bun in the oven two days after they asked me before.  If we were pregnant already it would still be too early to tell people and too early to go to a doctor for it. Yet people dont understand why I blow them off. It takes some couples years of trying. Could you imagine having everyone ask you if you are pregnant for two years. That has to cause problems emotionally.  My answer from now on will be when it happens it happens.  And when it happens you will not know about it until after twelve weeks. I know two women that have made an announcement and had to post that they aren't pregnant like a week later. Talk about heart braking.  So if anyone knows a couple that is trying to conceive lay off and wait for it to happen just like they are

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