Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jerk faces

Have you ever seen someone cause a scene and knew you couldn't do anything about it. It feels rotten.  This middle age man was at little caesar when I was waiting on my cheesy bread. He came in like any other person and asked for a pizza. The girl got his pizza and took his money. End of story, right. Wrong. Just as he was about to leave a young man that works there puts some crazy bread in the warmer and the first man started freaking out on the cashier.  Apparently the man didn't like the workers hands. On closer look the young man had a skin condition on his hands. Clearly working in the food industry with a skin condition the young man knows all the proper protocols and knows that his psoriasis is not contagious.  Not to mention he has probably dealt with jerks his whole life pointing out his skin flaws. So instead of taking his five dollar pizza and leaving he caused a scene.  He continued to ask the cashier if the guy handled the food, if he wore gloves, if he knew he had warts on his hands. On and on this grown man went. It was so embarrassing to watch. Then the man looked at me looking as if he wanted my help in assisting his assault on the poor guy behind the counter.  I gave him my best "are you freaking crazy" look  and  then continued to look at him to make him feel uncomfortable.  Finally after the man realized he had no leg to stand on and that he had a good chance of getting a hot pizza on his face he left. And as he left I did the only thing in my power. I called him a douchebag as the door closed behind him. It just amazes me that he feels so high and mighty that he could make another person feel so small just because he thinks he knows what's best for everyone.  Lets just hope karma comes and helps this man find his errors. 

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