Saturday, August 23, 2014

Do you want to build a snowman

The answer is always no now. I was so excited to try and make an olaf for our little friend Hannah.  I thought about making it out of Styrofoam but then I saw the price of each piece.  Twelve bucks each. No thank you. So then I enlisted my mom to help me sew one. If you knew my mom she loves projects and crafts so she was on board and we had lots of ideas for how we would make him. Day one of olaf was a disaster.  His balls were not round. His stuffing was bulky.  The only useable piece we had was his head. So day two, we started all over with his body and stuffing.  The body looked great so we just had to stuff it. Well we bought bean bag stuffing thinking it would make olaf look nicer. Well little did we know that the little balls in bean bags have a mind of there own. We had little balls everywhere.  It took us like two hours to fill the olaf with the stuffing.  So after two days and about 12 hours of work the olaf is done. And im happy to say it was all worth it knowing that Hannah loves it. The pictures are my moms floor after all the balls went everywhere, the none round body, and the finished product

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