Sunday, August 25, 2013


so it's 3 o'clock in the morning and leif has me busy working on a project with him. a very very important project that has to be done by tomorrow. its a budget for his 2nd fantasy football team for their auction draft tomorrow night. now it might sound odd but its not. we had to figure out our teams in our league that we are in together a couple weeks ago. so we started this at like 12:30 and we have a price for every player and who he wants with the right bye weeks (this may just sound like a bunch of craziness and no one knows what im talking about but he loves football so I love football, enough said). I feel like the best wife right now. he is upset I wont be able to be here for the draft. I have to work. I told him he will do fine on his own if he sticks to our plan and doesn't drink too much before it starts. that could get interesting if he's drunk. I just like the fact that im his little numbers girl and he needs me. so much love. wish him luck for the draft.

ps. I know we are nerds

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