Monday, March 16, 2015

Loving it

Its so nice to have everyone under one roof. Right now we are all in the living room.  Leif is sitting on the couch and crammed on the loveseat are Scarlett buckeye and myself.  It feels wonderful.  She fits in so well. Buckeye is getting used to her. He loves smelling her. My favorite part of having her home is that her and buckeye get to bond. Now back to how she fits in. This little girl is a loud farter.  It shocked us the first couple times. Now the problem with her being a loud farter is that we now have one more "person" to blame it on. Well this morning all four of us were in the living room and all you hear is ferrrrrrrrrrt. I look at leif knowing it wasn't him and we both look behind us and it was buckeye.  We laughed so hard. We thought it would be our new pooper but it was the always powerful dog fart. What a family we have.

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