Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Talk about practice

So in preparation for the baby buckeye decided to give us a sample of things you have to deal with once you have children.  So we came home from basketball yesterday and buckeye is normal. We set our stuff down and loved him. As I go to sit on the couch I see a coke can or what was a coke can in tiny little pieces all over the couch. The can was full of hamburger grease before now all that was left was about half of the can distributed on a cushion and a giant grease stain. We called the vet, they said just to monitor him and call if he act weird.  So with one afternoon we had to wash the cushion,  clean up vomit (with can in it) and check to make sure he didn't cut himself with the can going in and coming out. Talk about a day of worrying.  Im sure this is small compared to what little Scarlett is going to put us through but it is a wake up call when it comes to the messes to expect from a baby and dog.

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